Community Developement

   The New Mt Calvary Ministries CDC (Community Development Corporation) was organized in 1999 under the directorship of the late Alton J. Moore.  He had a vision of revitalizing the community with opportunities of betterment for those who were less fortunate.  The idea of relieving working parents and grand parents the responsibility of leaving their children locked in the house during work hours insured companionship to school aged children who were home alone.  This idea advanced it self by starting an after school program the fostered a partnership with the city of Houston's Parks and Recreation Department and the Houston Independent School District. 

   The New Mt Calvary Missionary Baptist Church is the  founding organization of the New Mt. Calvary Ministries CDC, Inc.  The Community Development Corporation had its initial beginning in 1999. The church has a rich history of investing over hundreds of dollars in commercial, residential, and vacant land in its community.  The New Mt Calvary Church has a seasoned vision of community outreach and development.  The church's motto is: "Touching Lives and Making a Difference", who holds true to its dedication to the community.

   The mission of the CDC is to change the cycle of blight and despair of its community by acting as a neighborhood developer and marketer to promote revitalization through housing, social services and economic development initiatives, starting with the developing of The Alton J. Moore Learning Center.