On October 5, 1980, in the home of the late Reverend Alton Johnson Moore and his lovely wife Nealena, twenty-two soldiers for Christ organized as a church.  After great cogitating, a name was created for this our new establishment, "The New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church".

The New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church was officially organized on October 12, 1980 at the New Guide Missionary Baptist Church, located at 3521 Dennis St. Houston, Texas under the leadership and guidance of Reverend Joe P. Hubbard, Sr. who served as moderator along with the late Reverend John Richardson, Pastor of the First Outreach Missionary Baptist Church of the Hiram Clarke area.

Worship services were held in the home of Pastor and Sis Moore for approximately two months, when the Lord blessed us with the property of our present facility. Reverend Moore was officially installed as pastor of the flock on April 26, 1981.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the newly formed church grew both spiritually and numerically.  Through December 1999 there were 314 members who united, 143 baptisms 16 new births, 5 ordained deacons and 3 ordained ministers, the major purchases of four properties, and the organization of The New Mt Calvary Ministries, Community Development Corp. Inc.  And, God still was not through with us yet.

Entering into a new millennium on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2000, the Lord called our Pastor Alton J. Moore from labor to rest.  What devastation we thought we would face going forward with not Shepherd in place.  Who would lead the flock with the Christian values and morality as did our last?  So, began our tireless search Bella istfor a new pastor who would stand on the wall with tenacity with truth and zeal as did our previous pastor, but God had already begun his work on the inside.  March 2000, just three months later God raise up one of our own Deacon Ronald Smith. Deacon Smith confessed his call to the ministry of our Lord and Savior.  On April 21th of 2000 something unusual happened.  Ronald Smith 1) preached his first sermon 2) was called to pastor the church, and 3) and officially ordained as Pastor of The New Mt Calvary Missionary Baptist Church by the late Reverend Roosevelt Hartwell.  With man, things seem impossible, but with God all things are possible. And God still was not through with us yet.

God answered the prayers of His people and appointed the son of our late pastor begins his reign with the same spiritual resolve that he himself had been taught by both a spiritual father and his earthly father.  God gave us a Pastor who had a heart for the people, a longing for ministry, and the capacity to preach, teach and to reach.  In just a short time God, through the leadership of Pastor Smith, had taken the Church back to the basics and a higher level of ministry.  Most recently two new services were added to our worship   schedule, an eight o’clock worship on Sunday morning and a noon day service “Wednesday in the Word”.  Because of the great leadership here at Calvary, God has added numerous members, countless baptisms, the purchase of a 25-passenger bus, and a 15-passenger van, the purchases of 4 additional properties, one of which is a 3600-sq. ft. office/educational building. Have also provided a place of refuge for those affected by both Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, and have become engaged into the arena of society social media that is used as tools to win souls to Christ.

Thirty-four years can only be appreciated by offering celebration through prayers and praise to our God almighty.  Through the visionary leadership and community concerns of our current pastor Dr. Ronald S. Smith Sr. we are a beacon light in this dark world, and God is not through with us yet.

Entering our thirty-fifth year has been a continued blessing.  Final payment was made on the property located at 6050 Westover St, rendering us free and clear and sole owner of said property. The entrance foyer and west wing have been updated, and a small reading area was added for members convivence near the west wing. We have purchased and placed five tele-monitors that aids in our worship services. And finally, four computers were purchased for the offices.  Where we put a period, God placed a comma, Because He is not through with us yet.  We the members are now excited to see what God has for our future as we continue honoring our God by bringing lives into harmony with Him and one another.